/Natural Products Expo West 2023: Now Bigger and Better!
Natural Products Expo West Review

Natural Products Expo West 2023: Now Bigger and Better!

We hope you were in Anaheim, California this March for Natural Products Expo West 2023! This must-attend event is the largest in the consumer goods industry, with over 65,000 registered attendees and 3,000 exhibiting companies. We had the opportunity to interact with industry leaders, support our partners and stay ahead of the latest trends at this exciting event.

The Power of Plant-based and High-quality Ingredients

Expo West is the main event of the year that unveils the latest innovations in natural and organic food and beverages. There is an opportunity to explore exciting innovations aimed at meeting the needs of both consumers and our planet.

Natural and Organic Food - Expo West

There is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of exceptional products with bright, nutritious ingredients that never compromise on taste. Enjoy Noosa’s newly launched range of ‘better for you’ frozen yoghurt ice creams.

The show offers a boom in plant-based offerings, proudly represented by our exceptional packaging partners Daiya, Vevan, Boursin and respected brands such as Climax. We learned how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the production of plant-based cheese, providing an authentic taste.

What is Natural Products Expo West 2023?

Natural Products Expo West is a must-attend event where you can network, discover innovative products and take part in exciting discussions. Join to discover new products and make new business connections. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

The Power of Functional and Medicinal Foods

This year, functional foods have been a hot topic of conversation and excitement. These are foods specially designed to provide optimal health benefits. Consumers are now looking for products that not only have healthy ingredients, but also offer added minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients to enhance overall well-being.

Pasteurized Food

As the popularity of functional foods continues to rise, there is also a focus on packaging that can effectively preserve these products. A prime example is our partner, Ithaca Hummus, who requires packaging options that can withstand high pressure processing (HPP). This method of pasteurization is known to maintain flavor, color, and nutritional value much better than traditional methods. HPP protects the product by using high pressure to eliminate food-borne pathogens, rather than using heat.

With the increasing demand for functional foods, it is crucial to prioritize packaging that can deliver not only on taste and quality, but also on preserving the health benefits these products offer.

What are the Themes of Expo West 2023?

All topics are boiled down to the top consumer needs that brands need to address: brain fuel, gut health, sustainable options and plant-based innovation.

Sustainability Fuels Progress and Prosperity

Discover the power of sustainability for business growth. Recent trends clearly indicate that companies dedicated to sustainability and measuring their impact are experiencing rapid expansion. Sustainable practices are no longer optional – they are essential for companies seeking success. Today’s consumers demand sustainability, and by investing in it now, you position yourself for future growth.

Sustainability for Business Growth

Take the example of companies proudly declaring themselves as plastic neutral. This distinction means they have effectively balanced their plastic footprint by removing and recovering plastic waste from the environment.

We firmly believe in creating a circular economy. Our commitment is to promote circularity, prioritize the use of post-consumer recycled materials (PCR), and reduce our customers’ reliance on virgin resin. Embrace sustainability and pave the way for a thriving future.

Why Exhibit at Expo West?

Unlock the Power of Expo West: Showcase Your Brand at the Ultimate Event! Join Expo West as an exhibitor and connect with top buyers in the natural, organic, and healthy lifestyle industry. Showcase your latest products or generate brand awareness. Engage with the vibrant natural products community and stay ahead of the curve with innovative ideas and trends.