/Top Eco-Friendly Toys, Treats, and Must-Haves for Your Furry Friends
Environmentally Sustainable Pet Toys

Top Eco-Friendly Toys, Treats, and Must-Haves for Your Furry Friends

Our everyday choices significantly affect the environment. What we consume, where we shop, and how we travel all play a part in either preserving or degrading our surroundings.

But it’s not just our choices as humans that matter. Our pets also leave a substantial environmental footprint. Even things as simple as toys release 64 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year – equivalent to the emissions of 13.6 million cars.

Thankfully, pet companies are now more committed than ever to promoting environmental sustainability. They are embracing innovative practices such as using upcycled, recycled, and natural materials in their products.

Eco-Friendly Rubber Ball for Dog

We’ve compiled a list of sustainable options for cats and dogs, ranging from cat litters made from food waste to toys crafted from plastic bottles, and even kibble and snacks made from insect protein. Together, let’s make responsible choices for our pets and the planet.

Challenging puzzle toy that both dogs and Earth will appreciate!

Introducing Snoop, the interactive puzzle toy by Planet Dog, designed with the planet in mind. This soft, concave ball is made from eco-friendly materials, free from harmful chemicals, and built to withstand vigorous chewing. Simply open the slot to add treats or hide them, then move it back into place for a long-lasting reward that your dog will love working for.

Paper bags: the eco-friendly alternative to wasteful plastic bags

Fresh approach to poop with Pooch Paper. Made from recycled paper, these fully compostable and biodegradable alternatives to plastic bags are incredibly durable and convenient. With a size of 12 by 12 inches per sheet, they are large enough to handle most medium-sized deposits without getting on your hands.

Eco-friendly floor scratcher made entirely from recycled paper

Elevate your cat’s scratching experience with our eco-friendly cardboard scratcher. Designed for optimal leverage, this version ensures your cat can rip, tear, and shred to their heart’s content. Plus, it’s easily recyclable once it gets too worn. The scratcher also comes with a generous supply of catnip to add even more excitement to playtime.

Dreamlike Bed Filled with Upcycled Padding

Give your dog a restful sleep with this soft and cozy bed from West Paw. Each one is filled with IntelliLoft, a patented eco-fiber made from non-toxic, third-party-certified recycled plastics that divert 28 to 78 plastic bottles from the landfill to the bed. Machine washable, double-stuffed construction is covered in a soft jersey fabric.

Delicious dog treats made from upcycled ingredients

Shameless Pets works to make the U.S. food system more sustainable by incorporating a portion of the more than 62.5 million tons of fruit, vegetables and dairy products that are thrown away each year into their tasty treats. Its baked cookies, jerky bites, and dental sticks contain up to 40% recycled ingredients.Eco Dog Toys – Green and Wilds

Eco Dog Toys and Treats

A game-changing biodegradable spray to eliminate odors and revitalize your beloved pet’s coat!

Freshen up your dog in between baths with this deodorizing spritz. Made with 100% biodegradable ingredients like rosemary, meadowfoam seed, aloe vera, and vitamin E, it keeps odors at bay. Earthbath, the parent company, is dedicated to sustainability and supports animal and environment-related causes by donating profits and products.

The smart solution for eliminating pet hair – the innovative green doodad!

Eliminate pesky pet hair with ease using this innovative tool crafted from 90% foamed recycled glass. Simply glide it across furniture, clothing, and carpets to effortlessly rid them of fur and dander in no time. Unlike conventional sticky tape pet hair removers, the Fur-Zoff is an investment that will never require replacement, backed by the company’s unwavering guarantee.

Introducing an eco-friendly rubber ball for an enjoyable game of fetch

Introducing Chuckit!’s bouncy ball – not only will it make your dog happy, but it’s also designed with a smile! The Recycled Remmy Ball is crafted from strong natural and recycled rubber, ensuring durability. Best of all, it’s compatible with Chuckit!’s classic launcher for endless playtime fun.

Bright Cat Collar made from soft natural fibers

Upgrade your kitten’s collar with a sustainable version made from hemp and organic cotton muslin. This soft essential item, with natural antimicrobial properties, is handcrafted with sturdy stitching, a steel identification ring, and a breakaway buckle. The collar is available in eight bold colors, including marigold and plum.

The perfect sanctuary for your feline friend – an ethically made, irresistibly cozy cat cave

The epitome of comfort and style with Cat Cave Co’s stunning ombre orbs, designed for the perfect cat cuddle experience. Made from ethically sourced New Zealand wool, these caves are meticulously crafted by talented craftswomen from Nepal who are paid a generous 200% above the local wage. But that’s not all – when you purchase a Cat Cave Co bed, you’re also supporting pet rescue organizations, as profits are dedicated to their noble cause.