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Many corporations around the world are working hard on finding solutions to the common social, economic and environmental problems of an urbanizing world. It demonstrates the practical ways in which communities, governments and the private sector are working together to improve governance, eradicate poverty, provide access to shelter, land and basic services, protect the environment and support economic development. Some great examples of corporations that are deeply committed to environmental sustainability and nature protection are Target Corporation, eBay, Kohls, Groupon, Boscov's and many others. All these companies deserve to be awarded for its contribution to the protection of the environment. For example, Target is known for its active position in building healthy communities and has been integrating sustainable practices across all aspects of the business operations. Target is a leader in promoting healthy living by offering reusable shopping bags and recycling kiosks in its stores.

Another company that can be called a Green Giant is eBay, which activity is based on the key principle of reusing products. EBay is actively promoting the idea of consuming used stuff to protect the environment as well as sets an example of introducing green practices throughout the company, like installing solar roof panels in its headquarters and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Kohl's Environmental Commitment

Recognized with a 2013 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award, Kohl's is also deeply committed to decreasing its footprint and environmental impact. Kohl's Cares initiatives include recycling as much material as possible as well as constructing a number of ENERGY STAR labeled stores, with features designed to minimize waste and use less water and energy.

The Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme (BLP) research environmental initiatives and solutions the social institutions and corporations undertake to leave a better world for coming generations. The Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme (BLP) is a global network of institutions dedicated to the identification and exchange of successful solutions for sustainable development.

The BLP partners' network identifies initiatives in such areas as housing, urban development and governance, the environment, economic development, social inclusion, crime prevention, poverty reduction, women, youth, infrastructure and social services.