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Ordering Information
As part of our commitment to improving the state of the world and particularly our living environment, UNCHS and The Together Foundation are proud to offer free access to the Best Practices Database.

The Best Practices for Human Settlements Database is available in two formats: on CD-ROM and directly through the Web. Both formats allow you to view, print and store the full records of the Best Practices. Use this form to order the CD-ROM version of the database.

Use our web subscription form to access the complete Best Practices Database web site.

To order the Best Practices Database in CD-ROM format, simply complete the appropriate sections of the order form below and sent it to us on-line, via fax, or via regular mail, along with US $5.00 for shipping and handling by mail to the address below. Recommended operating systems for the CD-ROM are at the bottom of this page.

Shipping and Billing Information
Shipping Address:
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Daytime Phone:
Best Practices Database on CD-ROM
Qty: CD-ROM @ US$5.00 each (shipping and handling)

Please mail your order to:

Habitat Best Practices Database
The Together Foundation

5960 SW 57th Ave
Miami, Florida 33143
Phone (305) 860-0116
Fax (305) 860-9401

Recommended Operating Systems
CD-ROM Version
When using the CD-ROM version of the database, we recommend the following configurations:

IBM compatible PC:
25Mhz 486SX microprocessor or better
a double-speed CD-ROM drive
at least 4 MB of internal RAM
160 megabyte hard drive

16 Mhz 68020 microprocessor or better
a double-speed CD-ROM drive
at least 8 MB of internal RAM
System 7 (and 32 bit QuickDraw)
hard drive with 2 megabytes available