Best Practices Partner Network
The Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme works with a decentralized network of organisations committed to the identification, analysis and dissemination of lessons learned from Best Practices.

Each partner brings its own expertise and geographic coverage to the programme, creating a world-wide network of organisations. Partners incorporate Best Practices into their on-going activities such as education, research, training, capacity-building and advocacy.

Best Practices Steering Committee (BPSC)
The BLP is governed by and reports to a Steering Committee comprised of its partners. The Steering Committee establishes the policies and procedures which guide the substantive work and activities of the BLP and its partners. The regulations and procedures governing the Steering Committee are elaborated in its Terms of Reference.

Types of Partners

1. Full partners are partners committed to the continuous identification and analysis of good and best practices and the application of lessons learned to ongoing training, educational, public awareness, leadership and policy development activities.

2. Associate partners represent organisations or institutions with limited capacities to undertake one or two of the above activities.

3. Affiliates represent ad hoc partnerships focusing on a specific endeavour such as conferences, seminars and workshops using best practice knowledge, expertise and experience; joint publication of case books, case studies etc. focusing on lessons learned in a specific sector or thematic area; information, dissemination and marketing.

Both full and associate partners contribute financially to the maintenance of the Best Practices database as well as the Best Practices Intranet, a facility which allows partners and their network members to share, develop and exchange working tools on-line.

Ibero-American & Caribbean Forum on Best Practices
In the Latin American and Caribbean region, the BLP is working with a network of 5 sub-regional institutions dedicated to the identification and exchange of lessons learned from Best Practices. The sub-regional focal points are:

El Agora, Argentina
Instituto Brasileno de Administracion Municipal, Brazil
• Fundacion Habitat Colombia, Colombia
Centro de la Vivienda y Estudios Urbanos, Mexico
• UN-Habitat, Brazil

The Forum operates with the support of the Government of Spain.

For more information on becoming a Best Practices Partner, please contact:

The Coordinator,
Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme
P.O. Box 30030
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: (254 20) 623029 or 624328
Fax: (254 20) 623080/ 624266/ 624267

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