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This page contains an annotated list of web-sites focusing on lessons learned from experience in making our cities and communities healthier, safer, more equitable and sustainable. They represent, to the best of our knowledge, organisations that are committed to the open sharing of information, tools and methods in support of: partnerships; participation; decentralisation and empowerment; networking and the use of information and communication technology.

The sites are listed by category and are chosen in function of their relevance to selected themes and chapters of the Habitat Agenda and Agenda 21, the two global plans of action devoted to sustainable development. The following categories of links are currently available:

Knowledge Management
Policies and Best Practices
Local Agenda 21
Capacity Building

Other useful links and sources of information can be found on our web-site through:

The Best Practices database: the world’s most authoritative database on peer-reviewed good and best practices in sustainable development;
Best Practices Learning Centre: a selection of case studies, casebooks and policy briefs on selected good and best practices in improving the living environment;
Other Sustainable Development Awards: an annotated list of award systems that recognise outstanding contributions to sustainable social, economic and environmental development;
BLP Partners: web-sites of a global network of organisations and institutions devoted to applying lessons learned from experience to public policy, leadership and human resources development.

If you are interested in establishing mutual links with our site, or in other aspects of our work, please contact us at:

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