Best Practices Case Studies

The Best Practices & Local Leadership Programme (BLP) promotes the development and the dissemination of case books and case studies focusing on lessons learned from good and best practices in improving the living environment. These resources are intended to compliment the Best Practices Database and to support the capacity-building objectives of the Habitat Agenda.

The material presented here is largely the work of BLP partners and affiliates.

Case Studies of selected practices focusing on particular themes, actions or geographic areas. They are intended for a wide range of uses including training and awareness-building. For more information, please follow the Terms of Reference for the preparation of Best Practice Case Studies.

Some of these case studies are available as Portable Document Format (PDF files). Please note that first time users of PDF files need to download and to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader before opening these files.

Indore Best Practice Case Study: Investigative Report
Mothers Platform Baden Württemberg, Germany
SSP and Savings & Credit Groups
Workshop on Grassroots Women's Leadership on Local Governance
Mukuru Recycling Centre - A Gender Evaluation
Fighting Poverty through Rehabilitation of Poor Neighbourhoods
Popular participation in public affairs contributes to the fight against poverty
The Reconstruction and Evolution of Development Policy of Durban’s Local Government
FAWOS: Successful intervention in preventing the enactment of laws favouring evictions
• Income Generation, Dignity and Citizenship Project of Rial Cabeleireiro, Brazil
Moving the Economy - Database of 20 sustainable transportation casestudies
Vila-Bairro Project: From Shantytown to Neighborhood, Teresina, Brazil
Gender and CED: Tools for Empowering Women’s Lives in Santo Andre, Brazil
Thematic Committee Report on Implementing the Habitat Agenda:1996-2001 Experience
CABO-FRIO - Architecture and Urban Design Diversified Housing. LONDRINA
CARMINHA PROJECT - Urban and Socio-Environmental Rehabilitation of a Watershed Protection Area. SAO BERNADO DO CAMPO
ECOLIXO - Selective Waste Collection and Recycling Program. CASCAVEL
JIQUIRICA - Participatory Management of Water Resources in the Jiquirica River Basin. 25 Municipalities of Jiquirica Basin
SANTO ANDRE MAIS IGUAL PROGRAM - Interventions at Sacadura Cabral, Tamarutaca, Capuava and Quilombo II. Santo Andre
SESI Worker Education Program. SALVADOR
TA REBOCADO - Development Community Program. Salvador
TERRA-JABURU PROJECT - Integrated Program for Social, Urban and Environmental Development in Areas inhabited by low-income populations: Intervention in Jauru. Vitoria
TUCUNDUBA PROJECT - managing Urban Rivers in Belem: urbanisation of the Tucunduba Oxbow River. Belem.

Additional case study material can also be found in the Transfer section of our home page, providing examples of how best practice knowledge, expertise and experience have been transferred from one community to another.

Please feel free to use the materials and to disseminate them to other people who do not have access to the Internet. Please quote their source.

You are invited to submit your comments and suggestions as well as any material you wish to share with others.

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