This Learning Centre is dedicated to improving public policy, management and governance through the sharing, exchange and transfer of knowledge and skills for sustainable social, economic and environmental development. It contains case study material, training manuals and methods, and transfer guides for use by decision-makers, civic and community leaders, city managers, researchers, human resource development specialists and the media. The learning tools presented have been developed by non-governmental organisations, community and grass roots organisations, professional associations, training institutions, universities and United Nations agencies working in the areas of shelter, land, infrastructure and social services; community development; urban management and governance; environmental management; gender equality and social inclusion; crime prevention; production and consumption; poverty reduction and economic development.

Learning tools that are currently available include:

Policy Tools & Guides are based on lessons learned from experience. They are designed to provide decision-makers, planners, city and community leaders with an array of proven problem-solving ideas, policy options and strategies.

Case Books: Extracts or complete versions of publications containing global examples of how people, communities, cities, governments and business have been able to solve pressing social, economic and environmental problems.

Case Studies: Analysis of selected good and best practices and the lessons learned.

Best Practice Briefs: Real-life examples illustrating how the strategic objectives and selected themes of the Habitat Agenda and Agenda 21 are being implemented today.

Guide to Transferring Effective Practices: A step-by-step approach to matching supply with demand for knowledge, expertise and experience in improving the living environment. Examples of successful transfers and lessons learned in Asia.

List of Training Materials: A list of tried and tested training tools, methods and materials used for improving urban management and governance and in mainstreaming women's issues.

Articles: selected articles written by BLP partners and associates and such topics as globalisation, urbanisation and sustainable development.

Publications on Water & Sanitation: Strategic approaches to urban sanitation provision. By Global Environmental Sanitation Initiative (GESI)

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Sustainable Cities Framework: The Framework identifies those criteria which a city must achieve in order to be healthy, successful and, ultimately, sustainable.

Reports based on the analysis of lessons learned from best practices and their policy implications presented to various inter-governmental conferences, meetings and other fora.

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