The purpose of the Best Practices Intranet is to facilitate networking, communication and information sharing by a large number of people working in different locations. It forms the IT backbone of a knowledge and information management system. It is currently being used by the Best Practices & Local Leadership Programme, the Ibero-American-Caribbean Forum on Best Practices, a joint Habitat/ESCWA working conference and the Regional Office for Africa and Arab States of UN-Habitat.

The features of the Best Practices Intranet are similar to those offered by other systems currently on the market. Some advantages presented by this particular system are:

• It resides on a dedicated server linked to the Internet backbone;
• T he software has been tried and tested by UN-HABITAT and has been found to be easy to learn and easy to use;
• T he content of other conferences and homepages residing on the server are of direct relevance to the work of UN-HABITAT, the Habitat Agenda and Agenda 21.

The features of the Intranet include:

• A personal e-mail system
• Facilities for document management (creation, editing, storage and commenting) known as “conferences”
• Facilities for private & public chat
• Facilities for establishing and posting documents onto a web-page (for web-masters)

contact us for more information how to become a partner of the Best Practices Intranet.

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