International Seminar on Illustrative Cities

Hangzhou, China, 20-22 October 2000


Conference Agenda

The International Seminar on Illustrative Cities was designed to support the implementation of the Habitat Agenda. Illustrative Cities are cities that have a proven track record of implementing good and best practices in improving the living environment and are committed to sharing lessons learned from experience with other cities and communities around the world.

Goal and Objectives:

The goal of the seminar was to develop a conceptual and operational framework, including criteria for selecting Illustrative cities, for city-to-city and decentralised cooperation based on lessons learned from experience in support of the implementation of the Habitat Agenda.

The objectives of the seminar were:

(i) to promote the exchange of lessons learned from good and best practices in urban environmental management and housing development;
(ii) to match lessons learned from (i) above with the proposed normative frameworks of good urban governance and access to shelter, land and credit developed by UN-Habitat (Habitat);
(iii) to propose elements of a conceptual and operational framework, including criteria for selecting Illustrative Cities, for city-to-city and decentralised co-operation based on the lessons learned from experience.

Working Methods:

The seminar made use of written and oral presentations, group discussions and study tours. The seminar took place during the 2nd Hangzhou West Lake Expo, which included specialised exhibitions and events on human settlements. The opening ceremony was held jointly with the regional preparatory meeting of the Asia and Pacific region for Istanbul+5: the special session of the UN General Assembly on the review of progress made in the implementation of the Habitat Agenda.


Conference Agenda

Day 1: Friday, 20 October 2000

Venue: World Trade Centre

9:15 -10:10 am: Opening Ceremony

10:10-11:15 am: Best Habitat Award Exhibition (China)

Venue: Jinxi Hotel

13:30-14:30: Opening session

Chaired by Mr. Li Xiankui

• Speeches by Mr. Song Chunhua, Deputy Minister of Construction of China
• Ms. Xie Jiajin, Advisor, Foreign Affair Department, Ministry of Construction of China
• Mr. Qiu Baoxing, Mayor of Hangzhou Municipality, China

14:30-15:30 First Session

Chaired by Mr. Nicholas You,UN-Habitat (Habitat)

• Presentation by: Mr. Raf Tuts on The Seminar Methodology and Objectives
• Group game on: Good Governance Concept and Geometry

15:30-15:45 Tea break
15:45-17:45 Second Session

Chaired by Mr. Wilfredo Prilles, The Philippines
Presentations by:

• Mr. Rene Van Diessen, Deputy Mayor of Tilburg, The Netherlands on "The Tilburg Model, Tilburg, The Netherlands".
• Mr. Lee Kiongai, Shenyang, China, on "The Sustainable Shenyang Project, China".
• Mr. Mark Byerley, Durban, South Africa, on “Durban Metro - a City Facing Up To The Housing Challenge”.
• Mr. Anada Jayawardane, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Colombo, Sri Lanka, on “City Construction and the Environment”.
• Mr. Bernhard Mager and Ms. Renate Kitzman Vienna, Austria, on “Cooperation Between Volkshilfe Wien and the Municipality of Vienna”.

19:00 : Opening Ceremony of the West Lake Expo
Day 2: Saturday, 21 October 2000 (At Jinxi Hotel)

8:30-12:00: Third Session

Chaired by Mr. Wilson Mukama, City Director, Dar es Salaam
Presentations by:

• Mr. Newton Burmeister, Porto Alegre, Brazil, on “Porto Alegre Participatory Budget”;
• Mr. Nestor Rios Morales, Villa el Salavador, Peru, on “Participatory Urban action in Villa el Salvador”;
• Mr. Mandla Makwectiana, Mafikeng, South Africa, on “Integrated Development Project In the Greater Mafikeng Area”;
• Mr. Neil Britton, New Zealand, on “Community Disaster Preparedness in New Zealand”;
• Ms. Anna Mtani, Coordinator, Safer Cities Project, Dar es Salaam, on “Safer Cities Dar es Salaam”;
• Prof. Zhang Hong Ming, Deputy Director, Shanghai Academy of Social Science, on “Shanghai’s Old City Reconstruction”

12:00-13:30: Lunch break
13:30-16:00 Fourth Session

Chair Mr. Suresh, Director, HUDCO, India
Presentations by:

• Liu Changdae, Dalian, China, on “Urban Environment Construction and Protection of Dalian, China”;
• Mr. Lu Zukang, Suzhou, China, on “Suzhou Neighbourhood Renovation in Practice”;
Wang Jianjun, Qingdao, China, on "Urban Renewal in Qingdao";
• Mr. Suresh, Bangalore, India, on “The Indian experience in applying the norms of good urban governance”.

16:00-16:15 Break
16:15-17:30 Closing of the first part of the seminar

Chaired by Mr. Nicholas You, UN-Habitat (Habitat)
Presentation by:

• Mr. Raf Tuts, UN-Habitat (Habitat), on Normative Framework of Good Governance;
• Ms. Laura Petrella, UN-Habitat (Habitat), on Illustrative Cities as a Campaign Concept

17:30 onwards: Dinner and West Lake Expo Fireworks Show
Day 3: Sunday, 22 October 2000 (At Jinxi Hotel)

9:00-12:00: Working Group Session

Subdivision of groups and setting of agenda
Two Working Groups
12:00-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-16:00 Closing Session

Chaired by Mr. Lou Yan'an,
Presentation by:

• Working Group 1 Mr. Lee Kiongi, Shengyang, China
• Working Group 2 Mr. Mark Byerley, Durban, South Africa.

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