Best Practices Database

Best Practices Database: Tools You Can Use Today

Since mid-1995, The Together Foundation and UN-HABITAT have been collecting urban solutions submitted by communities around the world. They placed the information into a searchable database, allowing end-users to search for successful cases of improving the living environment by region, country, eco-system, area of impact (solid waste, housing, greening, poverty, reduction, et. al.), partners and keywords.

These self-help solutions allow decision making to occur at the local level where people know what works best. Included in the database is contact information, facilitating ongoing relationships with colleagues around the world who have found ways to overcome urban growth challenges.

First unveiled at the June 1996 Habitat II City Summit Conference, this database is available in CD-ROM and World Wide Web versions. It currently contains hundreds of records and will be updated several times a year. Access to the web version of the database is free of charge.

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