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We welcome you to submit your initiative for consideration during 2014 Award Cycle. The purpose of the award is to recognise and enhance awareness of outstanding and sustainable achievements in improving the living environment as per the basic criteria established by the Second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) and the Dubai Declaration.

The total amount of the Award is US$ 480,000 (Four hundred and eighty thousand US Dollars). This amount is divided as follows:

(a) US$ 360,000 (Three hundred and sixty thousand US Dollars) divided between twelve Best Practices, two of which are reserved for Best Practice transfers
(b) US$ 120,000 (One hundred twenty thousand US Dollars) for logistic support including travel and accommodation for a delegation of up to two people for each award winning best practice.
(c) Each Best Practice Award winner will also receive a trophy and a commemorative certificate specially designed for the award.


The Award is open to:
(a) Government organizations or agencies, including bilateral aid agencies;
(b) National Habitat Committees or Focal Points;
(c) Multilateral Agencies (United Nations Agencies, World Bank, etc.)
(d) Cities, local authorities or their associations;
(e) Non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
(f) Community-based organizations (CBOs);
(g) Private Sector;
(h) Research and academic institutions;
(i) Media;
(j) Public or Private foundations;
(k) Individuals are eligible for the Dubai International Award provided that they are submitting a specific initiative or project that meets the Best Practice criteria.


In 2014, two of the 12 award winners will be selected from amongst those practices that focus on transfer of their experiences. A Best Practice transfer is defined as a process whereby two or more parties engage in a mutual and structured exchange to learn from one another in view of improving processes, skills, knowledge, expertise or technology for the purpose of improving the living environment. Transfers can occur within a country or between countries. They include institutionalised transfers such as City-to-City Cooperation, or may take place spontaneously.

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Other languages [Spanish] [French] [Russian] [Arabic] [Portuguese]

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