TAC Reports
Report of the Technical Advisory Committee

Hosted by the City of Shenyang, China
5-8 June 2000

Overview and Contents
The City of Shenyang, China, hosted the 2000 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) from 5 to 8 June 2000. The purpose of the TAC was to review the 691 submissions and 70 updates received for the 2000 Dubai International Award for Best Practices. The TAC identified 115 submissions as Best Practices and prepared a short-list of 40 submissions for review by the Best Practices Jury. The report is organized as follows:
Evaluation Process
Selection Procedure for the Global Best Practices 100 List
Short List of 40 Best Practices
Summary of Short-Listed [PDF] [RTF]
Global Best Practices 115 List
Members of the 2000 Technical Advisory Committee

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